Daily Menu at The Dead Fish

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Sizzling Iron Skillet-Roasted

Mussels* small 15.99     medium 25.99     large 44.99

Shrimp small 15.99     medium 25.99     large 44.99

Mussels & Shrimp* medium 25.99     large 44.99

Combo* 69.99

mussels, shrimp & crab

Super Combo* 109.99

mussels*, shrimp & crab

Double Mussels & Crab* 69.99

Double Mussels & Whole Crab* 109.99

Double Shrimp & Crab* 69.99

Double Shrimp & Whole Crab* 109.99

Crab Feast 189.99

(for the table)

Tasty Appetizers

Epi Bread 2.99

with butter

Garlic Bread 8.99

Cheese Bread 9.99

with melted raw milk white cheddar cheese

Bruschetta 9.99

with tomatoes, garlic, basil

Oysters* GF (6) 22.99 | (dozen) 42.99

Clam Chowder cup 9.99 | bowl 12.99

Crab Crostini 24.99

with smoked salmon & avocado evoo drizzle

Crispy Crab Cakes 26.99

(all dungeness) (2)

Crab Cocktail 24.99

Shrimp Cocktail 19.99

Artichokes 14.99

(castroville) fried

Calamari* small 16.99 | large 19.99

onions & sweet peppers

French Fries small 8.99 | large 9.99

Live Salads

House 14.99

tomato, avocado, onions, croutons, evoo vinaigrette

Side House 9.99

Caesar* 15.99

romaine, garlic croutons, shaved reggiano, pesto base pine nuts

Side Caesar* 9.99

Ranch 15.99

tomato, avocado, onions, croutons, ranch dressing

Romaine Wedge GF 15.99

pt. reyes blue cheese dressing and bacon

Beet 15.99

(organic) avocado, red onions, pine nuts, pt. reyes blue cheese

Panzanella 15.99

toy box tomatoes, onions, avocado, crostini, balsamic vinaigrette

Chilled Asparagus 14.99

pt. reyes blue cheese, pine nuts, evoo vinaigrette

Louie GF 18.99

tomato, onions, olives, asparagus, egg & avocado

add crab 13.99     shrimp 8.99     chicken 6.99     smoked salmon 9.99

Wicked Wiches on Martin's Potato Bun

The Dead Burger* 16.99

angus beef, grilled onions, cheese & catsup

Fishwich* 16.99

buttermilk-fried white fish fillet

Chickenwich 16.99

buttermilk-fried chicken breast filet

Phillywich 19.99

prime rib, caramelized onions, cherry peppers, white cheddar

Crabwich 24.99

(dungeness) avocado, cheddar, horseradish tomato vinaigrette

Crab Melt Sliders 24.99

on epi bread, avocado, red onions, cheese

Side of Fries add 5.99


Seafood Fettuccine* 38.99

black linguini, mussels, clams, shrimp, fish & cioppino

Crab Angel Hair Lasagna 29.99

Choose Pasta 19.99

Spicy Tomato

basil, onion, shallot, cream, chili flakes sauce

Garlic Noodles

fettuccine, parsley, garlic, paprika butter sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo

italian style parmigiano reggiano cream sauce

add crab 13.99     add shrimp 8.99     add chicken 6.99

Nonna's World Famous Killer Crab®
Roasted in our Secret Garlic Sauce

Whole Dungeness Crab 2+ lbs 69.99

Half Order 1+ lb 39.99

Lotsa Crab 3+ lbs (two share) 109.99

Too Two Crab (for three) 139.99

Crab Feast (four sharing) 189.99

Other Dead Things

Prime Rib*

slow-roasted greater omaha packers' certified prime

Regular Cut 45.99

Lite Cut 39.99

Large Cut 59.99

The Slab 79.99

Cowboy Ribeye Steak* GF 39.99

in natural pan juices with rosemary & garlic (16 oz.)

Filet Mignon* GF 49.99

(8 oz.)

Slow-Roasted Short Rib 39.99

Roasted Chicken 29.99

Italian herbs & spices

Authentic Italian Angus Beef Enchilada 22.99

onions, cioppino sauce

Recently Demised Fish of the Day

Choose Fish*

Sea Bass 34.99

Salmon 34.99

Basa 29.99

Branzino 34.99

Choose Preparation

• spicy cioppino sauce

• garlic lemon caper sauce

• olive oil poached, garlic, fresh herbs

• garlic, parsley, paprika, butter sauce

each served with crispy roasted potates, mixed vegetables, and acini de pepe


The Dead Fish Cioppino Stew* 38.99

calamari, crab, mussels, clams, fish & shrimp

Shrimp Pescatore* 26.99

Steamed Clams* 26.99

nduja, pancetta, calabrian chili sauce

Crab Enchilada single 17.99 | double 25.99

Fish & Chips* 25.99

Little Rascal Menu (under 12) 9.99

Fish & Chips*

Fettucine Alfredo

Chicken Tenders & Fries

Pasta Butter Cheese Sauce

On The Side 9.99

French Fries

Creamed Spinach GF

Yukon Gold Potatoes, Mashed with Zucchini GF

Steamed Vegetables

Crispy Roasted Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

Desserts 9.99

Super Sundae

walnuts, dark chocolate sauce & whipped cream

Cheesecake du Jour


Torta Della Nonna Lemon Tart Cake

lemon-scented custard cake

Chocolate Mousse Bomb

decadent chocolate mousse, dusted cocoa powder

Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake

Brunch at the Fish

Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Mondays
Noon - 3:00 pm 17.99

TOO Eggs* Any Style (almost)

sunny side up, over easy, scrambled or poached
with applewood smoked bacon, sliced coteghino sausage
and tri-color potatoes

Italian Momlettes


green onions

Italian Sausage & Bacon

green onions

Smoked Salmon

capers & green onions


Crab (add 13.99)

(dungeness) green onions

served with crispy tri-color potatoes & raw milk white cheddar cheese

Really Good Copper Pan Cake

Fresh Blueberries

with maple butter

Nonna’s Pantry

Italian Benedict

with coteghino sausage & bacon

Crab Benedict (add 13.99)

Crab Cake Benedict (add 13.99)

Crab Enchilada (add 7.99)

with 2 eggs


Egg* 2.99

Applewood Smoked Bacon 9.99

Sliced Coteghino Sausage 9.99

Drink-Like-A-Fish Cocktails

Strawberry Ramos Fish Fizz 12.99

vodka, vanilla cream

Hot to Trout Aperol Spritz 12.99

prosecco sparkling wine, soda

Cold Fish Sangria 12.99

red wine, lemon, lime & orange juices

Bloody Shark 12.99

vodka, tomato juice & house spices

Aunt Chovie’s Moscow Mule 12.99

vodka, fresh lime juice & ginger beer

Big Tuna Blood Orange Margarita 12.99

tequila, blood orange juice

Clam Up Basil Martini 12.99

vodka, fresh basil, lime & a touch of sugar

Crabby Mood Martini 12.99

vodka, peach schnapps, orange & cranberry juice

Nemo’s Nitto Mojito 12.99

rum, fresh lime juice, fresh muddled mint & soda

Fish Breath 12.99

rum, pineapple & coconut cream

Red Herring Moscow Mojito 12.99

vodka & muddled mint

Flipper 7.99

non-alcoholic smoothie with strawberry vanilla cream

Sting Ray Blackberry Lemon Drop 12.99

vodka, blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, triple sec

Bottle 25.99     |     ½ btl decanted 18.99     |     glass 9.99

White Zinfandel, Beringer, California

Chablis, Emerald Glen, Paso Robles

Burgundy, Emerald Glen, Paso Robles

Bottle 39.99     |     ½ btl decanted 24.99     |     glass 13.99

Sparkling Wine, Avissi Prosecco, Italy

Pinot Grigio, Candoni, Veneto

Sauvignon Blanc, Honig, Napa

Reisling St. Michelle, Washington

Chardonnay, Bargetto, Central Coast

Rosé, Sophia Coppola, Monterey

Moscato D’Asti, Ruffino, Italy

Chianti, Tiziano, Italy

Merlot, Bargetto, Central Coast

Pinot Noir, Meiomi, California

Malbec, Chento, Argentina

Cabernet, Kenwood Jack London, Sondoma

Zinfandel, Coppola Director's Cut, Dry Creek Valley

Cabernet, Hess Select, North Coast

Bottle 49.99

Pinot Grigio, Santa Margherita, Italy

Chardonnay, Patz & Hall, Sonoma Coast

Merlot, Markham, Napa Valley

Bottle $69.99

Chardonnay, Jordan, Alexander Valley

Pinot Noir, Belle Glos, Monterey

Cabernet, Mt. Veeder, Napa

Bottle $99.99

Champagne, Veuve Clicquot, France

Cabernet, Jordan, Alexander Valley

Corkage ~ No Charge

Bottled Beer $7.99



Coors Edge (non-alcoholic)

Draft Beer $7.99     Large $8.99     Litre $10.99

Anchor Steam

Lagunitas IPA

Coors Light

805 Ale

Stella Artois

Trumer Pilsner

Non-Alcoholic Beverages $4.99

Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer

Coke, Diet, Sprite

Weinhard Root Beer

Weinhard Orange Cream Soda

Lemonade, Juices, Milk

Strawberry Lemonade

A Dead Fish Story

Who would name a restaurant

“The Dead Fish”?

The chef explains:

When I was a boy growing up in Italy, I loved to watch my Nonna (grandma) work in the kitchen. The catch of the day–be it calamari, crab or a variety of fresh fish–was magic in Nonna’s able hands.

Now my Nonna was a little Italian grandma with a big Italian heart. Friends, neighbors, even the local fishermen all knew, if you made your way to Nonna’s when you smelled that wonderful fish cooking, you’d be welcome to a plate.

With so many people clamoring for her cooking, Nonna couldn’t be bothered with small details. She never followed a recipe–she just stirred and sampled. And she never remembered the names of the fish she used!!

Whenever I would ask, “Nonna, what kind of fish is this?” she would shrug her shoulders and smile – ”IT’S A DEAD FISH!!” Everyone laughed and had a great time.

With fond memories of my Nonna, I welcome you to THE DEAD FISH.

Water on request only


We are unable to provide separate checks. We can, however, split checks evenly for up to 6 people

We cannot guarantee that the food served in this restaurant is suitable for patrons with severe allergies. The food served here may include, among other things, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, flour, salt, sugar, dairy, milk, eggs, wheat, meat, poultry, seafood and shellfish

GF - item is prepared free of gluten ingredients; however, our kitchen is not gluten free

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

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